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Views and Accepted Solution Views

Hi Community,

I have a question.  I found a great post regarding this topic here.  As it is a bit old, I figured I would start a new Topic based on my particular question.


So we are reviewing metrics around most popular content for a particular Forum.  There is one Topic which has 307 Solution Views and 259 Visits.


I am trying to understand why the Solution View number is higher than the number of Visits.  Understanding that a registered user is assigned a cookie for each unique visit, could it be the case that during that users visit - they viewed that Topic with Accepted Solution multiple times but the system is capturing only one visit?  


Or perhaps is it the case where an unregistered user who found the Topic with Accepted Solution via a search engine and viewed the Topic with Accepted Solution but as the user was unregistered, a corresponding visit was not captured?


Am I totally off base with either of those working theories?


Thanks so much in advance for any guidance you can provide!


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Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Three possible explanations that would lead to a higher solution view count:

  1. Does the topic maybe have multiple accepted solutions? If the topic has two solutions, then each visit at a time when the multiple solutions were marked would have counted as two solution views.
  2. One visit is a session of at least 30 minutes duration (See the LSI metrics definition). So if a visitor loaded the topic page with the solution multiple times during that visit that would only increase the solution views, but not the visit count.
  3. If the feature to "Float solutions on top" is enabled then even with just a single solution in the topic, but that reply that was marked as a solution being on the second page would lead to two solution views.

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Hi @ClaudiusH


Ahhh - very interesting indeed.  For point 1:  We allow only a single solution per Topic.  For point 2 - that was one of my working theories - so great to have confirmation on that point.  For Point 3:  This is really great to know.


Thank you so much!


#3 seems like a silly way to calculate solution views! I'm annoyed to have to divide my solution views stat by 2.

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