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Visual Forum Components

Hello everyone,,

I'm looking for inspiration if possible. We have a forum with a component on it which is a forum list, showing questions raised, user profile image on the left with title, names, last posted, replies and views etc. However, we have a requirement where we want this page to act as both a TKB (items shared by us which are not a question but something to share and receive comments on) and a forum (where members can raise their own questions). We want our members to see easily what's come from us (with visual imagery etc) and what are questions raised by others. Can we have a TKB styled component on a forum page, with tiles, where we don't have the Solution functionality and then have a secondary component which is the standard list where users can ask a question? Or can we use a different forum component where we can add visual images to certain questions we raise so our members can see that they originated from us and it overrides the profile avatar in those instances? Grateful for any thoughts or guidance!
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@Gujarish - Actually, there is a TKB OOTB(Khoros default) component, but the scope is only set to TKB page. But here we have one custom solution, you can create a custom component and add that component to forum quilt. In component, you can fetch the TKB articles using Khoros below rest api and write HTML and CSS for styling.


<#assign messages = rest("2.0","/search?q=" + "Select * from messages where  = '[TKB-ID]' AND depth=0 ORDER BY post_time DESC"?url).data.items />
<#list messages as getMessage>
<a href="${getMessage.view_href}">${getMessage.subject}</a>

Please let me know if this helps.


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