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Visualizing conversations

Just read an interesting blog piece about visualizing conversations in an abstract way to help speed of moderation, but also possibly detect patterns of conversation:

Visualizing conversations.png

Source: Chantal Jandard Design Concept: Visualizing Conversation


This immediately reminded me of a recent heated discussion on our community that grew very quickly and proved very quickly to follow and moderate. Above could be an interesting approach to help identifying groups of messages that might form a topic hijacking or off-topic. Community moderation functionality could even recommend parts of a discussion to move to form a second topic based on that information.


Maybe Chantal would make an interesting speaker at LiNC even 🙂

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Thanks for sharing this @Claudius 


Interesting read, I can see more applications for this outside moderation, possibly driving some insight and helping possibly steer community engagement in some cases so that the right levels of resource and focus can be placed where needed.


Language is quite complex but patterns don't usually get looked into much.




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