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Want to extract list: post written during a certain periode

Hey all, 


I want to reward a badge to users how has written posts during 24th and 26th of dec. Therefore I go to community > admin > stats > user reports. When I compile a list I miss a quite a lot of user names. I've set the following option: 

1. date of activity: 24th -26th dec only

2. date of last login: 24th - 26th dec only

3. date of activity AND date of last login  

4. as #3 AND minium 1 post

The results are not accurate. 😞

The question is: What are the right settings to get an accurate list?

Kind regards 🙂

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I’d recommend using Community Analytics for this. Which should be available from your community home page.

I’m doing this from memory (currently just on my phone!) but I think the correct report is under “Content” on the left nav, then clock “members” kinda in the middle. You can select your date range and filter or sort by number of posts.



@CarolineS  Has worked perfectly. Thx 🙂

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