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Warn to refresh or show when some is typing

In our current community we run AMA (ask me anything) sessions and it tells us when someone it typing or we need to refresh. We are moving to Lithium and still would like to run the AMAs however, it does not look like Lithium warns you to refresh when there is new content and it does not let us know if someone is typing. Which are key factors for AMA when more then one person is handling it. Is there a way to have Lithium do this? Thank you for any guidance.

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Currently there is no "reply collision" prevention built into the reply or posting flow in Lithium Communities. There are a few customers who built such themselves and here on the Lithosphere we also made a similar feature available to our super users, but it's not productized.

A few clarification questions:

  1. How are you planning to run these AMA? Creating a new board and have questions submitted as new topics?
  2. The typing indicator you are asking for. Do you want that within a topic to show to someone opening the ReplyPage to indicate if someone else started replying as well? Or do you want a notification on board level when someone is currently authoring a new topic?
  3. What result are you trying to prevent with this functionality? Multiple staff replying to the same topic? (If that's your worry we have seen customers use Lithium Response to claim conversations and reply from there.)

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We also currently working on a custom solution to to check for new comments while creating a comment. The only way to do this is to check the API for changes at defined intervals. We will only provide this feature to our power users to avoid performance issues. A clean solution can only provide by lithium by providing a websockets based functionality.

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