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Way to show users there recently visited pages/posts etc.

I am not able to find any discussion or post related to this, let me know if it already exists.

Is there any way to show users their recently visited pages/posts (like a widget/component in sidebar) so that they can jump directly to it if needed.


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In theory you should be able to do this all via the API, but out of box this functionality does not exist.

Here's a thread that has an example in it that may help you get started if looking for a custom solution ->

This is something I would love to get created as a small component in our Community at some point this year as it can be really beneficial I think, especially in a day of age when bookmarking is becoming less a thing, and relying on the tech to know where I previously was is becoming more and more common place (I personally rarely bookmark anymore, I just type into the Chrome's address bar, it starts to auto-find, and i choose link)

@StanGromer Thank you for directing me to that thread, it worked for us with some minor tweaks.

It worked until one point then its limit of 20 records hits and it breaks, any idea why this happens?

Is there anyway to fetch this info from LiQL query?

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