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We built an Academy on Khoros (Q2 updates!)

As a follow-up to previous topic I made, we just launched V2 of our Upwork Academy.  This is probably the coolest thing I have gotten to be a part of building on Khoros. It's been like a four year journey of start/stop at a former company of trying to build our own LRS, and this time we ditched the 'LRS' entirely, and built it all on Khoros. No third party databases or services beyond using S3 to host the actual learning courses.

When users visit our Academy, they'll now have a refreshed look, but more importantly they can choose a learning path.  We have five to start with.  Learning paths are a collection of learning courses, videos, podcasts, content throughout Community, and external content (It can be pretty much anything).  At this time., we are tracking if they completed a course, what time/date they completed it, along with if they have completed the entire learning path.



Once in a learning path, you'll see the available courses on the left side that are part of this learning path, and clicking on any item will have it appear on the right side. Each Learning Path is built on top of a TKB. Each article is pulled that is in that TKB, and is formatted based on some magic prefix used to start each article. As you navigate across each course, they'll be marked as completed with a green checkmark - This is either based on if you made it to the end of the actual learning course, or if the article was marked as 'read' within Khoros itself for all other content.

We have various checks in place, so you'll see the progress bar update as you go through the various courses. Once you reach the end, you'll receive a modal pop-up for successfully completing it all (In the future this will drive you to specific next steps such as recommending you join a coaching cohort).


We are pulling all results daily into our enterprise data warehouse, but as all data is in Khoros, this allows us to utilize both ranking and badges. 


From the administration side for our Academy team, we tried to build this in such a way they would never have to come to an engineer to launch more.  They can easily create a new TKB, create the corresponding articles, and setup all necessary tracking from within the Khoros admin / TKB Articles.

We also used custom tags within the articles to accomplish some of this. Those creating the courses can tag the content as necessary.



And that is V2!  We don't have a ton planned at the moment for Q3 as it relates to Academy (other parts of our Community need some love to), but always happy to answer any questions!  You can visit our site to take a look, but it does require you to be logged in to use the courses (so we can track you).  You can create an account for free if interested! 

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