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Web Accessiblity for Users with Disabilities using Assistive Technologies

I am in the accessibility compliance field and I am wondering if the community has previously tested the community web based environment with a screen reader or if some of the main components were designed with accessibility in mind. For example alt-text for images, heading level structure, labels in form fields, etc. I would be willing to contribute with some suggestions.


Thank you in advance.

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Hi Eduardo and welcome to the Lithium Community,

More than a year ago we undertook a thorough accessibility review on our community. We've applied quite some front end customization as to how our community looks like. The core Lithium platform proved to be accessibility compliant by large and most of the fixes to increase accessibility were necessary in our customization code.

From the discussion we had back then with our Lithium Technical Account Manager we learned that accessibility is part of Lithium's "Definition of Done" for development and looks like this is still the case since we've not read negative feedback from screen reader users.


Did you have a chance to have a short screen reader tour here on the Lithium Community? How was your experience?

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Thank you Claudius. I appreciate it. I will go ahead and do a quick pass over the weekend and I will report back my overall experience.


All the best!

Thanks @edaccessible 

I'm curious as well. It's been some years since this was posted. Hopefully @BlakeH could point us to a locations where certifications and other documents are posted so that any time there are updated compliance documents attained that they can be easily referenced.

I'm pleased that improving accessibility is one of the goals for Aurora as I believe it can improve the experience for everyone. 




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