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Weird search boolean

Anyone know if upcoming search improvements will drop the "+" operator?


  • The + operator requires the term you enter after the + symbol to exist somewhere in the field of a single document. 
    To search for documents that must contain “bose” and may contain “car” use the query +bose car.

I think it's causing us issues when someone searches for "Sky +" they get nadda but when they search for Sky+ they get loads. Same for "sky + apps" vs "sky+ apps" and "Sky + entitlement" vs "Sky+ entitlement"

So I think search is looking for a result that has Sky but also has absolutely nothing in it?

Does this happen on Jive? It's a pain as one of our products is Sky+ and if someone puts a space in there they get the dreaded 0 results screen. 

We've got a case open to see if it's configurable.... 


when's new search comin'? 😉


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@SamR, May be older version of Lithium search works better in this situation for you.

In older version of search gives us options for advanced search fields to include and exclude parameters for exact match or contain text.

You can revert the search version to older version from Studio > Features to your community search and check if this works for you to handle the results.



Expecting your Kudos and Accepted Solution to my replies.
Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Hi @SamR I just tested the queries you suggested at

How the query is getting formulated needs to be checked further; for me to comment on a root cause. 

In the first look however, it does not seem to be a boolean search issue. Similar query works on I tried on couple of test sites as well; the 0 result screen does not appear.


Thanks for the reply @ChetnaS - we've actually raised a case with support as well and they reckon it is boolean and they are saying it's professional services or ideas exchange to get it fixed.

Good point on NOW TV though. They appear to not suffer from the same issues. We're going to take another look at it on our end and escalate again through support if we need to. 

"elastic search" disabled. Now working. 

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Thanks for the update @SamR

I will follow-up internally on the issue, and will look to enable elastic search again.

Hi @ChetnaS sent you a PM. I think your dev guys need to check a few things before re-enabling elastic search. 

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