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What are the most important KPIs related to your community?


I have been recently named as CM and still trying to make my way through Khoros 🙂

One of my current concern is to extract the most relevant metrics for our weekly/monthly reports and managed to list some of these using the Metrics/Analytics options but was wondering, based on your experience, what are your top KPIs you follow and why?

Thank you very much.

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One of the big items we follow is the Accepted Solution rate.

However, the number of accepted solutions in Analytics is independent of when the topic was created.

For example, if a topic was created on August 31, but the solution wasn't accepted until September 2, you'd be unable to get an accurate depiction of your solution rate for the month of August. It's a similar story for topics solved a week or two after they're created when they cross a month boundary. There's no way to show that efforts going into cleaning up outstanding unanswered topics resulted in bringing a month's solution rate up to a desired goal. This number is always going to be a lagging indicator. This is a miss.

I also make use of Kudos, as it can be used as an organic indicator of overall satisfaction with conversation quality.

Community Manager \\ NetApp

@NickyS Congrats on your new role and hope you're finding you way around Khoros. 

I'm not sure what your primary use case is so that may determine what metrics are matched to your own business goals. 

Our use case is Support and Customer Education. We are a newly launched community (just 8 weeks old) so our focus right now falls under these areas:


  1. New Registrations
  2. Page Views
  3. Unique Visitors


  1. # Posts and Replies
  2. Ideas Submitted, Comments and Kudos (Votes)
  3. Member Entrances
  4. Rank Ladder Changes (Bulk Member Download)
  5. Kudos Given
  6. Minutes to First Solution


  1. Accepted Solutions
  2. Solution Views
  3. Blog Views
  4. KB Views

Hope this helps. 

Senior Community Manager | Strava

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