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What are your favorite widgets you put in the right-side panel?

Hi everyone,

We're thinking about making our subforums less general, and to tailor the information in there better. Currently, each board uses exactly the same widgets in the right-side panel. We want to customize this more.

Since we are still in the beginning of our Khoros journey, I wanted to ask you, based on your experience, which widgets or custom components do you find most useful/valuable and which use cases you addressed with them.

We're thinking of promoting webinars, maybe some documentation sections, promote valuable topics/discussions.

Any suggestions and experience exchange more than welcome! 🙂 If you have some examples from your Communities, could you share?



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Hi Karolina

In my community, we were using the right side as promotion place, where we place some banners and some recommended article or documents . But we moved to Responsive Design a few years ago. The mobile screen is very limited. So we decide to remove the right slide panel to make the web page not too crowded.



Hi @Chao,

That's a valid point about responsive design. 

As for recommended documents - I'm wondering how often those can change. Did you have any "automation" in place to update links from time to time or was everything done manually?


I think the frequency depends on the business need. We were reviewing the list and doing the adjustment monthly. Because we review our business monthly, every month we got some new ideas what we need to share and update. 

The "Automation" is a great idea. But we were doing that manually.


Thanks for the insights, @Chao!


We really like the Top Solutions Authors component. We use it from the Home page right down through our Categories, Sub Categories and Boards. It really helps other members get to know the key collaborators and solution providers specific to the forum or category they are in. 

On Individual Forum posts we use the Recommendations component for related content and we have configured the scope of this to only the board the post exists in to try and get the best set of related content. It's reasonably successful as far as we can tell so far. 

Senior Community Manager | Strava

We recently added the New Solutions component.  We are going to work on promoting the behavior of accepting a solution in the coming month so we wanted those to be very prominent.



Good timing on for this topic as I'm currently reviewing our customer experience and trying to make better use of widgets to highlight content and resources. I have struggled a bit with using Studio so I am really looking forward to trying Aurora once it is available.


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