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What are your rank names?

Hi! We have begun work on the ranking system for our soon to launch community. We're reviewing the rank names and want to benchmark what others have done. 

Would you all be willing to share what your rank naming system is? 



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Lithium already provides new rank names by default for all new communities.

You can also review this article. Its provides default rank structure and guide as well.


Expecting your Kudos and Accepted Solution to my replies.

You can see our ranks here:

We spent a lot of time thinking of more clever ranks (cloud types, sizes of computer memory, etc), but ultimately decided on these relatively straightforward ones. 

Many thanks! We have one creative and one traditional option so far. It's always helpful to see other examples! 

Ours are tied in with one of our main areas of business:

Executive Producer
First Assistant Director
Director of Photography
Production Supervisor
Managing Editor
Camera Operator
Camera Assistant
Sound Supervisor
Sound Designer
Boom Operator
Box Set Binger
Remote Record
On Demand
Series Linker
New Viewer

Our super user program members are referred to as Oracles.

Community & Social Platform Development.

Our ranks are below

One thing to consider is localization, if you plan on going with multiple languages make sure you find suitable terms so the structure makes sense still 🙂

New Member

Given the point of community is finding answers we gave our rank structure a detective theme (with a superhero theme for the legend ranks) but our ranks work a little different to most communities in that we have regular ranks (1-20) and legendary ranks (21-25) the highest of which has yet to be earned due to its extreme difficulty.

The difference between is that the first 20 ranks use the Lithium recommendation of having a Linear progression where each rank is only slightly harder than the previous. A new user, with superuser level contributions, can obtain 20 in under 12 months and a regular contribution within 2 years. The final 5 ranks, what we can legendary ranks, are exponentially harder so each takes double the prior effort to rank up. These were put in exclusively for our superuser cohort and were well received.

Level 1: Cadet
Level 2: Rookie
Level 3: Gumshoe
Level 4: Private Eye
Level 5: Eagle Eye
Level 6: Bloodhound
Level 7: Deputy Inspector
Level 8: Inspector
Level 9: Captain
Level 10: Jnr Detective
Level 11: Detective
Level 12: Master Detective
Level 13: Super Sleuth
Level 14: Field Agent
Level 15: Secret Agent
Level 16: Special Agent
Level 17: Bureau Chief
Level 18: Intelligence Chief
Level 19: Deputy Director
Level 20: Director
Level 21: Augmented
Level 22: Superhuman
Level 23: Superhero
Level 24: Supreme Being
Level 25: <Secret as has not been earned yet>

On our Community (Finance) we used rank name related to experience







Each rank has 3 level (so you can be Specialist * - Specialist ** or Specialist ***)

Hope this can help!

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