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What day and time do you choose to push out community changes?

Hey all,


We are getting kicking off a responsive design project and are looking to see how others scheduled such a large change to their community.


Here is what we are looking for. When you schedule upgrades or releases of your support (customer facing) community, what day / time of the week do you typically schedule the outage for? Data we have indicates Friday late afternoon US Pacific Time, but we are curious if others pick other days / times and why.


To be clear, we already know that Lithium version updates have a specific schedule. We are talking about something like a community redesign.


Thanks in advance.

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@CyJervis - I belive it should be the time when there is less traffic, so less user would be effected from the upgrade. 




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During low traffic is for sure a good idea but I'm guilty of doing pushes in the middle of the day especially if it's a little release.  However, I'd suggest against doing anything on a Friday, mainly because you won't have lithium support around should it go wrong over the weekend and potentially won't have as many bodies in your own company to support if it goes wrong. 


With regards to a re-design, I dont think it matters too much what does matter is the communication of when it will happen so that users are aware and expect it when I did my redesign we actually launched at about 3 am on the Sunday "madness i know" Main reason for doing this was to allow us to capture and fix any defects before the bulk of customers hit the site, we then had daily releases for the first week or two to roll out bug fixes and tweaks as the wider community got to use it and feedback. 




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Hmm I'm curious about this statement " I'd suggest against doing anything on a Friday, mainly because you won't have lithium support around should it go wrong over the weekend". I know other platform hosting vendors actually do provide weekend maintenance windows and staff to guide the upgrades. We'll have to double check with our account team on this. 


When we went responsive, we had our launch on a Saturday morning. This was our first huge redesign in 7 years, so we received a ton of feedback and questions afterwards. This resulted in an entire weekend of work, but it was what was best for us at the time.


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Thanks - we are also going to responsive. 


What lessons did you learn in how you handled both the move to responsive - and even how you had to communicate the change?

We just deployed our responsive redesign a few weeks ago. We scheduled it for 1am on a weekday. It actually took Lithium 2 hours to do the push because of an issue, but there was no downtime for the community. I would recommend doing it at a similar time so you have time to test before the bulk of users hit the site. We gave plenty of notice to our community via our community update newsletter, I sent private messages with a preview to our superusers, and had a prominent "welcome to the new site"-style post when the redesign went live. 


Good luck with the project. 




I guess that there isn't a commonly used date/time as I suspected their may be. Interesting insight from everyone so far. Thanks to all who have chimed in so far. 🙂

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