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What does the "Email me when someone replies" checkbox do for a blog comment?

Hi team!

I'm on a roll with "what is this interface thing in lithium" posts today (see here and here too)... wondering what the "Email me when someone replies" checkbox does on a blog comment. You can't actually reply to a blog comment, but just comment on the blog post itself.

So does this checkbox actually subscribe the user to all comments on that blog post? Or does it actually do nothing? (yeah, I could test this, but maybe somebody already knows the answer?!)


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Hi Caroline,


If the "email me when someone replies" option is selected when a user submits a comment, it will notify the user of any new comments for the blog post.


Lili McDonald
Community Manager @ Amazon
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Yay, thank you for saving me having to test that 🙂. I guess that's relatively intuitive behavior.

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