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What does your battle station/social command centre look like?

During our hangout on air yesterday @JohnD mentioned how crucial it is for him to have a nice set up with a second monitor to be productive. 


We are keen to see what your battle station or social command centre looks like.


I expect many of you have far exciting setups than mine but I manage to sneak in my brand new personal laptop in at the side 😉
















Andy K
Sr. Community Manager, Atlas Community

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My work setup is below Robot Happy


So long as I have a laptop keyboard, and a giant second screen I'm a happy camper 🙂




Here's mine. I have a standing desk, which is pretty nice.

























Some other features to keep me productive:

  • Three screens/monitors, essential in the life of a community manager
  • Espresso mug to keep me caffeinated and happy, and a water bottle to hydrate 
  • A candle from Thailand (a gift from my coworker) to keep me happy
  • Snack basket! My office has a great snack wall in the kitchen, but I like my own supply as well, from nuts to chocolate to ramen to cookie butter to...okay, you get my point. 
  • Behind the snack basket, looseleaf tea to go in my infuser mug (behind my Mac) because why not
  • The pink on my Mac keyboard is a keyboard cover so I can eat worry-free during lunch meetings
  • Lotion/lip balm/hand sanitizer just because
  • My favorite Sony headphones when I need to block things out and focus (or watch On Air with Lithium...)
  • Spot some green behind my Mac? Meet Demandforce Yoshi, who brings out my inner child.



Here's my 3-monitor setup. Say "hi" to the Swedish Chef peeking around my laptop...


....and if you're wondering who's coming over my monitor...




I'm protected by my Facehugger sentry, as well as Psyduck, Buddy Christ, and the Doctor and his TARDIS. 


Love this thread so want share but no pics right now but I'll be back wil some as soon as I get back from the U.S.

Love seeing other ppls desk setups, I've just had two tv,s fitted above my desk, excited to show them off 🙂


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Awesome thread and love the workstations of everone, @jchen @JohnD @tyw.Here goes my battle station. What keeps me productive being a developer are the 2 screens, one for coding and one for the action. Two BlackBerries for on the go action which keeps me connected to my work 🙂 and some other stuff. Hope you like it!





Picture of the battlestation here, included laptop for working remotely when required. Newish office so haven't had much of a chance to decorate yet.


Just catching up on the hangout from yesterday, notice I'm just along the road from @AndyK so to speak 🙂



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I don't have a battle station, since I'm not in a war 😉 So here's my "Community Exploration Base":

  • Most importantly: Nice colleagues
  • The infamous caffè latte in the morning
  • Planing poker cards
  • Nintendo LCD game
  • Toy car to keep the thoughts moving during calls
  • "Chat Golden Rules" cheat sheet - Love that constant reminder on how to reply
  • Some Lithium references 😛
  • Some reading for 15 minutes timeout (ofc including Dr Wu material and "Social Knowledge" with contributions from @lolagoetz [Shameless plug])

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I see our book over there on the left! Thanks for the plug, @claudius! 🙂

Becky Scott

JumpCloud Sr Manager, Technical Community


 Mine looks a little like this.....


Hey all,


Mine is a little broken at the moment but here goes...


Photo not that great but got a growing setup.. Two 19in monitors on my desk for working and just over my monitors suspended from the ceiling are two 42" TV's which is my "poor man's command centre" I use the right screen for realtime google analytics for the 3 main sites I look after and the one on the left "currently broken" Is used for LSI realtime geo view or LSW analytics.


One day.... maybe one day i will have a proper command centre but for now this will have to do 🙂








Checkout some of the stuff i've built using the platform:
Community l Ideation l Blog l Product Hubs l Check & Report l Service Status 

My latest Ideas: Vanity URL Manager l @mention Roles l  LSW Password Policy

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