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What exactly are Message Tags?

Hello again,


I am trying to understand the use of having Message Tags when creating a forum post in our community. I can understand why we have Labels, can anyone care to help out?

What is the difference between a Message Tag and Labels? (see screenshot for a bit more context)

J-Net Community Manager
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Such a good question. They are super similar, and I wouldn’t recommend using both at the same time (though there may be cases where that’s appropriate).


- you can pre-create specific labels as an admin, and decide if you want to let users be able to create their own. Tags are all user-created

- users can subscribe to labels but not to tags

- there are different components available for labels vs tags (eg a tag cloud for tags but not for labels? Maybe? I can’t remember :))

- labels are at the node level (eg for a specific board) while tags are global (I think. I’ll confirm when I’m on a real computer and not my phone). So, if you click on a tag you can see all of the content with that tag across the community, whereas with a label it would just be for that board. 

- users other than the author of the post can tag a post. Jimmy can tag sue’s post if he wants to (though I doubt this happens a lot?)

I’d say, if you want an admin-created organization method within your boards, use admin-generated labels (which end users can select from). 

If you want it more organic / user-generated, use tags, or perhaps user-generated labels (but I wouldn’t mix user-generated and admin-generated labels - super confusing).

Hope this is helpful, and apologies for my slight uncertainty above. I figured a slightly uncertain response via my phone was better than not responding 🙂



Hi Caroline -

Thanks so much for the response! Yes, it helps a lot. So what is the purpose of utilizing the 'message tags' feature within a reply? 

Screen Shot 2019-01-11 at 10.32.42 AM.pngThe subject of the orig. post is: "Port will not turn on after vlan assignment"

Would I then respond to the orig. post and before clicking 'Post', would I add, let's say, Port and vlan into the 'message tags' ?

Thanks! (I'm really trying to get to the nitty gritty of things within my community!)

- Jeremiah

J-Net Community Manager
Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Hi Jeremiah,

Message tags can be applied to replies, but they won't apply to the original message. For example, if I reply to a post and input the Message tag, "tutorial", that tag is not displayed in the original message, but it does show up in the visible reply. 


The reason? It could be argued that it helps cut to the chase when using tag searches. So, if a post has 150 replies, but the 57th one has the relevant information (and is tagged accordingly), the search result brings up the tagged message and user experience is that much better.


Make sense?



Ah, sorry, I had missed that you were talking about MESSAGE tags specifically. @DaveWa's response is what you want! Honestly, I think they're more confusing than beneficial, and I've turned off tagging in my community as a result.

Thanks Dave -

Very informative. Appreciate it 🙂

J-Net Community Manager

Hi Caroline -

Thanks for the guidance and perspective. Appreciate it! 🙂


Jeremiah, J-Net Community Manager

J-Net Community Manager

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