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What exactly does li export-studio-plugin do?

We use the SDK. Keep our files in a local repo. When Lithium makes changes in Studio, they generally send us a .zip file with only the files that have changed. I am on Windows 10. I use WinMerge to compare the files from the zip to the files in my SDK area /res/*

Changes are merged in. The last time I got a zip, it contained a bunch of files that we didn't have in the SDK. I asked them if it was ok to add these files in, they said yes. Now when I try to push to Studio, I get a bunch of errors, for example:

Failure Rule: CUSTOM_RULE
Failure Message: A file in the SDK plugin is overridden in Lithium Studio.
Failure Details: The following file in the SDK plugin is overridden in Lithium Studio: /res/quilts/TkbMessage.quilt.xml
Suggestion: Move the overridden file out of Studio and into the SDK plugin or do not include it in the SDK plugin.

This is one of the new files I added. 

Lithium support suggests I run the 'li export-studio-plugin' command.  I'm worried that this will bring over a ton of files into my local repo. Should I be worried?


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li export-studio-plugin

Above code is export all the latest files from studio. This will export all the changes made through studio only.

All files in res* folders you can extract uing studio.


This will not pull changes made through SDK submit Plugin, to get the changes made through submit SDK you need to run below command.

li export-plugin

The clear-studio-plugin script clears all plugin points from Studio. (If you have customizations in Studio, run this script after you have exported the Studio pluign to the SDK.) If you want to move all development to the SDK, you'll use this script.

There is no need to worry about which files extract from studio plugin.


Expecting your Kudos and Accepted Solution to my replies.


li export-studio-plugin

and got nothing back. Then tried: 

li export-plugin 

 and got back a bunch of files. Most of them said, "Contents have differences only in line separators".  Not sure why?

@alfredojahn ,

This means your updates are made through the SDK. 

Expecting your Kudos and Accepted Solution to my replies.

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