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What happens if the user does not click on the confirmation email?



When an user creates an account, normally they receive a registration e-mail so that they can confirm their e-mail account. What happens if the user does not click on that link and continues to use the community? Does anything change/affect his user journey?


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I believe that not verifying your email address means they can't use any subscription or notification features. It might also mean that when you comment on a post you can't select the email me if someone replies feature. 

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Lol, pre-SSO days at previous company, it was a literal joke of “did they verify their email” because of how many problems it causes when folks don’t.

For all intents and purposes they can’t do anything, at all, until they verify their account. Yet it isn’t obvious to the user it’s the problem. 

I think the answer to your question @adriana4u is that it depends on the default settings on your community. Some communities may choose to essentially "lock out" users who haven't verified their email address from participating on the community. Sounds like that was the case at @StanGromer's. Other communities, it is simply that they won't be able to receive any notification emails as @elbranscomb has pointed out. 

Whatever your settings, it's certainly something that you want to encourage your community users to do. Perhaps other members might suggest ways in which they encourage members to verify...






Good morning everyone,


Thank you so much for your answers! 🙂 

Can you also tell me where I can see these settings?






To enable/disable email verification before posting:

  1. Go to Community Admin > Discussion Styles > Posts and Topics.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Check or uncheck Users must confirm email before posting.  


Note there are also verification options under System/Authentication but they relate to using CAPTCHA to verify at registration, and/or when sending a PM and/or a post. Hope that helps.





I believe you can also set a user as Verified (or back to Unverified) by visiting their user profile > Moderator Controls.

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