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What happens to replies to spam

One of our volunteer moderators asked this and I could not find the answer. If someone replies to a message that is eventually marked as spam, what happens to those replies? This weekend we had a clever spammer doing the 'link in a period' bit and sucked a few people in.

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Not 100% certain, but I believe any replies also end up in spam / no longer shown. Hopefully someone else can answer this more conclusively - but I wanted to also say we also had the "link in period" bit over the weekend. Arg.

The user who did this had email domain - did yours have the same?


@mdfw in my test, the reply to the spam message stayed in the original place, only the spam message moved to the Spam Quarantine.


If the main topic/post is marked as spam, the topic moves to spam quarantine and the replies to that post do not appear on the Community. 

If a reply is marked as spam, that reply moves to spam quarantine and replies to that reply continue to show up under the main topic on the Community. 

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