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What triggers recommendations for a TKB (freeform) article title?

I had a TKB author reach out to me this morning with a strange situation. She was in the process of starting a new freeform TKB article, hadn't even started typing in the Title field (likely just placed her cursor in the field) and was presented with some suggestions - most of which were related to content in our TKBs, but there was one which has nothing to do with the content in our (not live yet) community. I tried to replicate on my side (logging in as her) and I could only see things I had previously typed in.

So, does the Title field suggest based on Chrome history? Previously entered or search text from the community? 

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To my knowledge, it's just using the same exact search mechanism that Khoros Search is using, which itself is just doing dynamic recommendations based on the letters typed.  I don't believe it's personalized in any sense, it's just throwing up the globally best recommended.

With that all said - It won't start suggesting anything until you enter a character, and a space doesn't count.

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