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Whatsap Khoros Messaging Product data extraction / Integration

If my business wants to use Khoros services to chat with our customers using Khoros Messaging tool (Whatsap Messenger Chat),
1) Where that chat transcripts data get stored?
2) How can we access that data?
3) Is there any way to extract that consolidated chat data using any API? 
4) Is there any way to integrate that data directly with any platform like R/Python/Power BI for data analytics purpose.
Please help me with this queries.
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Khoros Alumni (Retired)

@cherry_teja80 WhatsApp integration is supported as part of our Care platform. Within that platform, we provide access to all content, both within the console for an agent as well as ability to extract the content via reporting. There are various integration options for external connectivity to other platforms.

We recommend you contact your account team for more details about the platform overall, as well as specific integration capabilities.

Thanks Sheetal,

I don't have any account right now. I just wanted to understand data integration part if we use the tool for our business.




Khoros Alumni (Retired)

@cherry_teja80 You have probably also received a response from our Support team for the question you sent to them, but just to ensure you have the information - you can reach our Sales team and request a demo for the product and get additional questions specific to your needs addressed.

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