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When entering a previously-seen topic, take me to the oldest post I've not yet seen.

For longer dynamic threads, I shouldn't have to search for where I left off. 

Has anybody seen something like this in Khoros? 


In Discourse, the blue 10 in the image below indicates that there are 10 comments in the the thread that I have not yet read and if I click on it, it will bring me to the 10th oldest that I haven't read yet. 

Screen Shot 2022-02-15 at 1.07.06 PM.png

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There's an option in the user preferences for "jump to first unread post in a topic" - this is under Preferences > Linear Layout (so I'm not sure if it works if you have a threaded layout). I believe you could set this as the default for all users via admin settings.

image.pngSide note: Every time I poke through the Khoros user preferences I cringe so much. They are SO BAD. Like, preferences you, as a user, can set for the home page for components that aren't even on the home page of this community. So much other weird / legacy stuff. But I digress...


Aha! Thank you for showing me this.

I agree that a lot of these settings are cringeworthy and unfortunately these are the ones that power users are looking and they simply don't work. 

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