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Where is the best place to find accurate completed registrations numbers?

Hello Community,

As many, I am pulling year end numbers.  I am finding up to a 15% difference between Community Analytics (higher) and the Admin>Metrics>User> Registration report.

Important to note, we are a private community.  You can't find the Community in an SEO search.  You can't register for the Community unless you have a login to one of our products.  This can't be bot traffic. 

Have others seen this issue?  Which report do you trust?

Thanks for insight.


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You had asked me to start a new post on registrations.  When I started I found this one from January 2020.  It looks like my original post about the discrepancy wasn't answered.  Instead I was told, use a different report.

You mentioned you may have insight.  Would love to have that here.

Thanks in advance. 

Have you checked if the discrepancy is due to CHA being in UTC vs the Admin Metrics being presented based on your profile's TZ (/t5/user/myprofilepage/tab/user-preferences)? I see a small discrepancy each day since I'm on Eastern time. Switching to GMT --- Iceland (not UK) helped get my CHA and Admin report counts to match completed registrations.

The Admin  Metrics  Metrics tab  User Reports  Registrations counts include completed and partial registrations. The exported CSV filtered on registration date in Admin  Metrics User Reports tab will only show completed registrations. Only mentioning it just in case that's part of the discrepancy too.

With the above TZ adjustment, I do see a discrepancy in the User Reports export. My two counters show one number, but the CSV export contains 4 fewer names than I expect to see, despite the report now being in GMT.

I feel like the problem is somewhere in timezone matching for user account timestamps and our own account's timezone setting.

If you still have a case with support, then I hope this helps narrow it down. If nothing else, hopefully it will help explain the differences you're seeing and maybe provide a way to get them to match up better.


Community Manager \\ NetApp

Thank you @Drew_C for the very thorough answer. I am going to make the TZ change on my profile to see if that can help at all.

@CarolineS wrote:

The most accurate numbers will be from the admin user report (not the one in admin metrics or LSI). The admin user report gives you exact numbers - since it’s a list of all the registered users. You can export it and sum up in excel, or filter to the registration dates you are interested in and count the number of pages of results.


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