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Where is the link to LSI for my community?

We just did a redesign of our community homepage and the old homepage contained a link to LSI, but we forgot to include that link in the new design. I went into Studio to add the link and then realized that I don't know what the link is.  How do you find your community's link to LSI?

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Hi! It’s on the “Community Dashboard” component.


@mbritt - You need to add the following OOTB component on the Home Page:

<@component id = "community.widget.admin-links" />

When you push this change to production, then LSI link will be visible within this component.



Payal Uppal

Thanks Payal.  I'll give this a try and let you know how it goes.

Huh....I can't find a component called "Community Dashboard"...suggestions?

Not sure what OOTB stands for....

Out Of The Box.   For me, my LSI link is

I suspect the 788 number would be different for you.   You could ask support. 

But @Payal's response is the right one.  You need to add that widget where you want it to be.


Community manager in the Micro Focus Community. My computer always used to beat me at chess, but it is no match for me now I changed the competition to kick boxing.

@mbritt - You can find the component in the studio -> Page. Refer below SS:




Payal Uppal

Okay.  Right.  I see it there in Studio.  How do you edit this? I see that the ID is .lia-component-community-widget-admin-links

I looked in the CSS area of my community skin and I see this widget there, but I don't see how to edit it?

I'm sorry - I'm a bit of a noobie.  Really appreciate the help.

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