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Which Browser a Community Request Comes From


Is there a way through API Bulk Data or other form to see what browser a Community request is coming from?

(i.e. Can I see if a member is accessing the Community via Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.)

If anyone else has found a way to access this information, your help is greatly appreciated!


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@dreilly - Yes, there is a field called "request.headers.user_agent" in the Bulk data API report which provides this information. You can check the details here in the attached sample report. Screenshot from the report is below.


I hope this helps.

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Hi @VarunGrazitti,

This is very helpful for me to identify the field within Bulk API.  However, is there any documentation around how to interpret the different records in this field?

I can see there are differences in the records, but I am finding it challenging to use this field and identify which record represents Chrome vs. IE vs. Safari, etc.

Could you explain (or point me in the direction) how to interpret this data to identify the specific browser?

Thank you for your help!

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