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White space


Hope everyone is doing well. 

Reaching out to see if any of the Gurus here can provide some tips on eliminating white space.  Our page is responsive, but we should still be able to remove some of the spacing.   One of the areas I am looking to reduce spacing in would be under the carousel and just above activity feed.  Another would be on boards directly under the path and under page title above the Stat a new discussion box..  Knowing which scss contains the the height for these would be great as I could then experiment with the spacing

Any feedback greatly appreciated.




System Administrator / Datto - Kaseya
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Hi @gdawson

Have you tried using the Inspect option in your browser? A simple right click -> Inspect will display the HTML and you can modify the CSS styling to your liking. For example, if you wanted to adjust the spacing in the breadcrumb on this page, it would be: 


.lia-breadcrumb>.lia-list-standard-inline {



You'd then just need to edit/add your CSS styling to your current skin in Studio and push to production. You'd likely be looking to reduce margins and padding if you find you have a lot of white space.

Hope this helps


We do use the browsers inspect option, but finding the correct setting in the CSS has been the difficult part.  We are still experimenting with different settings in variables in the CSS trying to eliminate white space and just make things a little prettier.  

System Administrator / Datto - Kaseya

White space is our pain as well. I even posted a topic somewhere (maybe it was the Titans group hub) and learned that many things are like that because of some standards that should apply do different displays. 

As a logical first step, we've also started with limiting the paddings, margins, and even making the buttons smaller.



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