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Who marked the AS?

Hi all,

do we have a way to find out who marked a reply as Accepted Solution?

we have reasons to believe a member is marking his own replies as AS to rank up.


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You can find this in a few places, depending on how your community is "built."

One of the universal ways to do this is in Admin -> Mod Tools -> Audit Logs.

You can also break it out in CHA, aided with Filters.
CHA -> Content -> Forums -> Members (tab)
Then sort on Solutions Authored and Solutions Accepted. It might not be easy to put it together, but could prove to be a start.

There's also some options in the Advanced Metrics tab in Admin, but I'm having a hard time getting the "Solved by the Question's Author" option to break down by username. I don't know that I've ever seen that data. Hopefully someone else has a hack to share.

Since you're suspecting an individual, then this might help (in advanced):



Community Manager \\ NetApp

Thank you Drew, I'm trying to replicate your suggestions now.

Hi @n_matias,

One more approach will be to check this information in Admin | Mod Tools | Audit Logs.

You can specify the user name of the person and see her activity. If she accepted a post as a solution, you will see this information in comments:

Attr(s) set: "IS SOLUTION", Attr(s) cleared: ""


Thank you @TanyaGorbunova ! 

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