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Who's attending Engage next week?

Hi! Are you attending the Khoros Engage event next week in Austin, TX? If so - I want to connect!

I've participated in previous FeverBee trainings and the CMX Summit. I work for a technology company on an external-facing community. In particular, I'm looking to connect with community professionals who:

  • have scaled content aggregation (e.g., top 5 lists, etc.)
  • have scaled knowledge base article improvements to reduce cases,
  • scaled SEO efforts (e.g., page improvements), or
  • who have organized concerted efforts to increase customer participation in the community. 

I'm happy to share what we've seen work/not work on our end regarding increasing adoption. Additionally, we did a rather large launch this past April and are seeing positive progress with conversations and SME participation. I'm more than happy to share what we've seen work/not work on our end or to serve as a sounding board.

If any of this sounds up your alley, let me know and we can schedule time to connect onsite. Safe travels! 

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Khoros Staff

Katie - we are looking forward to seeing you at Khoros Engage. A few attendees have begun to connect on our Khoros Engage group here

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