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Why Doesn't Khoros Community Use Inline Replies and Threading?

We're seeing an issue with the editor tool for inline replies and threading then I noticed the Khoros Community doesn't seem to be using it.  Does anyone know why?


Do you use it in your Community and do you have any issues with it?

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I believe they do use it here on Atlas - you can see the “in response to” notations on threads. But i think they have chosen not to indent replies. Not sure why.

Eg there is an “in response to” notation on this reply since it’s a reply to a reply. This is a feature of inline replies and threading. 


Thank you, @CarolineS.. I noticed that as well.  I should have mentioned that in my post.  I was curious why they don't use the 'inline'/indented replies.

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Hi @jamiemccardle 


@CarolineS is correct, inline replies are enabled.

The skin we are currently using on Atlas was put in place before inline replies and threading was released. We have not had a chance to update code to show the indenting. This is in our backlog but with no time frame yet.





Andy K
Sr. Community Manager, Atlas Community

Would this code update be universal? I turned on threaded replies on our community to have them indented, but it's not visible. For us, the whole point of turning on that option would be to easily see those indented replies.



@Kim_E It should be retroactive - Did you enable the feature flag for it in stage to enable version 5 of forums (Within Studio -> Features -> Forums -> 5)? You have to update that as well as enable it within the Admin console.

Ah... it was updated in stage but hasn't been pushed to production. Thanks!



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Hi @Kim_E 

I just wanted to jump in here and provide some additional context.

Even though @StanGromer mentioned there's a feature version change, in order to fully take advantage of the inline replies feature there are some quilt changes to apply as well (that's if you're not using the default quilt).


You can find the relevant documentation here:


If you have your own developers, I would recommend working with them on this change as this can impact the look and feel of the Forum Topic Page and messages.

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Sorry but I dont understand why someone wants to use threading 😄

It is annoying to follow, especially with the long threads, where are the new comments. Threading is like Facebook discussion, difficult to catch up everything. Not suitable with the forums where discussions have maybe hundreds or thousands of comments.


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Renew the quote feature

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