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Why doesn't @mentioning a username search for @mentions of the user in posts?

We came from Jive and when you @Mentioned someone not only did it suggest the user to @mention but it also searched post for plaintext of that person's username along with @mentions of that username. I found this SUPER helpful to see where a user was mentioned across the site as sometimes that helped me locate discussions I couldn't otherwise find. It also helped me locate arguments when members were bickering but no one flagged the post for moderator review. 

Overall I feel less successful @Mentioning content with Khoros compared to Jive as it doesn't seem to search the body text, only the subject text so @mentioning a specific post within a discussion topic is hit or miss. If I copy a permalink and paste it into the post instead of attempting to @mention it doesn't auto resolve to an internal link like Jive did. You have to click the link and then click the Auto-title button. Still it doesn't look like an internal link.

Show Profile Fields in posts (@mention) vs (just pasted URL) vs  Solved: Show Profile Fields in posts - Atlas   (clicked auto title)

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