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Why is someone visiting this URL and how did they get there?

Curious how someone got here and what the purpose of the url is?


Found the URL from the page

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Interesting. I see that same URL in my community too. Sure enough, it's a blank page, as promised!

The IP associated with the entry I have is owned by Comcast.

Community Manager \\ NetApp


We have this same page as well and we are a completely private Community.  I will be interested in finding out what you learn. 

Khoros Staff

Hi all, this URL is used by our (Khoros') internal and external monitoring tools for its checks. And as @Drew_C mentioned, it is intended to be blank.

Interesting. Hoping nothing confidential is being accessed. @mhock 

Thanks for answering that. I’m a bit surprised because I wasn’t made aware of this before. Sure I expect monitoring to ensure uptime but I didn’t think I’d have to raise concern.  Regrettably some time was wasted internally trying to figure out what was going on, time many of us done have excess of.  

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