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Workarounds for Duplicate Content

Hi! We have one knowledge base articles that need to be shown in two knowledge bases. We don't want to duplicate the article. Do you have any suggestions?

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Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Currently there's no way for a piece of content to be in two places at the same time.

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Well, there are a few workarounds but there are going to be problems with each.

  1. Create a placeholder article. If content fits in both places, determine which is the best fit architecturally (and this may also come down to the team who maintains it) and put the article there as the "prime" article. Then in the secondary KB, create an article with a short summary/intro and a read more link to the prime KB article. 
  2. Create a redirect rule. You will need to follow the steps above to designate a "prime" and a "secondary." You don't actually have to populate content in the secondary article. Just create the rule so that the secondary link points to the prime link. 


Possible challenges for both include negatively affecting your SEO, confusing users, and access issues if the knowledge bases are restricted.  

And of course, if my comment helped with your question today please let me know. 🤓

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