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Your experiences with tkb

Hi folks,

we would like to start tbk in our community. 

First, we're going to run a test with our superusers. Going through the process a few questions are poping up. 

1. It seems that a tkb article can only be written be one author. There is no possibility to forward a draft to another user, right?  

2. Does anyone of you have something like a "tkb-board" for exchange purposes between you and your users? e.g. Who is responsible for what topic? Is my article ok, or would anyone like to add something? 

3. Can every user suggest a thread for tkb? Or only a few?

Thanks for sharing your experiences with me.



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Hi, i've not used TKBs in this way before but interested to see how others are doing it. 

It seems like there may be some info in this article which might help you answer setting up a workflow where drafts can be created and shared with other users for review. I imagine you could do this using the TKB roles that are Admin/Permissions and assign your members to those roles based on what they will be doing. There is also mention of adding collaborators in the article above. 

On #3 I believe you have to grant the permission for someone to Nominate a topic to become an article. See screenshot below for the section in permissions:

Screen Shot 2022-04-08 at 1.23.30 PM.png

My understanding then is that you then need to follow the steps in these articles to create a Knowledge Board that those nominated topics go to: 

Hope this helps.

Senior Community Manager | Strava

Hi Christoph (@CKummer)

Sorry for the slow reply. Have you started testing yet? 

We're using TKB on Workshop to create articles that feature our best projects shared by members as well as the best advice shared by members. We've chosen to be ultra conservative and start by creating these articles ourselves rather than letting our superusers do it. We of course create the articles under the member's names for them so they get all the kudos, but wanted to make sure we have control over the content to ensure quality and consistency and a great experience for all readers. 

I'll be interested to see what you come up with to ensure an easy process/flow for your superusers. 




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