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Zapier connector

Hi, I was wondering if Khoros forums have a Zapier connector and if not, has it been envisaged/discussed? Thanks.

French Autodesk community manager
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Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Hey Patrick, we don't have a productized connector and I couldn't find anything that suggests that PS has built anything custom. Although, other customers may have built something in-house or hired a third-party.

If my response answered your questions, please feel free to mark it as an accepted solution!

Thanks, your answer will be helpful in the discussions we have for Zapier use in the Autodesk community team.

French Autodesk community manager
Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Hi Patrick,

I worked with Zapier several years ago when i was a lone product manager/product marketer in a startup. I found it pretty easy to create a new Zap from APIs without a set integration being done. That being said, I haven't worked with Khoros Community APIs yet in this way. 

I do want to see more customers building stuff like this and I would love to help you work on it if you are interested. 

Let me know via PM!

Interesting, I will present Zapier to the Autodesk team soon. I am in contact with the automation and data crunching folks at Autodesk, so, more to come probably ! Thanks.

French Autodesk community manager

Hi @MattYap - Is there anything new on this? It's been almost 11 months -- maybe there's a Khoros connector for Zapier? thx

Hi @lindahav, we do not have a connector for Zapier yet. 

Giving this a bump as it's top of mind for us as well. inSided has a decent Zapier integration: 

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