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auto login with IP address

Hi All,


Hopefully, I can explain this and make sense. I have a staff-only area in my community. To access it I use a generic log in which I created with staff access and read-only privileges. I want to make it easier for staff to access this area and not have to log in because it isn't a smooth process (log in first and then find the staff area) It's a two or three-step thing and I want it to be a 1 step thing. So do ye know if there's a way to set up an auto-login using the shared IP address that all of our staff use via LAN? @

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Suspect the only option would be SSO. This might not be an option if you already use a different SSO setup for customer logins as it's limited to one.

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yeah we do. This is it's already done for another profile from a long time ago. Staff clicks on a link and it brings them to another place within the Community (auto logs them in from that link) I need it to auto log them in using a link to the staff only area I've set up. The thing with businesses sometimes is the person that created it is no longer in the business so I was hoping someone would know what needed to happen for that. 


Hi @Rachie1986 

I have done this using Role for access.
My community is private, so once employees log in, they can access an "employee only" space due to Role without a 2nd log in.
If that is what you are seeking, I can provide more details.


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Well, have you dealt with this kind of problem since this all happened?

@Toby  yes thank you could you share?

Hi @Rachie1986 

Community Admin - Community Structure - Create a new Knowledge Base or other container.

After created - Manage - Users - Roles - Create New Role - only add the role or roles that match employees. 

Under the Roles Tab - make it that only the employee role can see and react to posts.

Are you trying to create an intranet by chance or just a discussion area?

Community Manager - Seismic Software

can you give me more detail on how to create a role that is the only re that can acess a particular section on the community. Do I have to do this in studio or live? 


@Toby  is there full doumentation to help with this part so I can follow it?

Good day @Rachie1986 

This is something that can be done in your live environment; it is not pushed from Studio - you may however practice and test there before going "live."

There are 2 sets of permissions to work with: Users.PNG

This is what hides the space from view.

Then you add the Role(s) of people who can see it



I do recommend building and testing in Stage first and try to access the area using different roles that those who should be able to access.  Once you are confident, build in your live environment.
I hope this gives more insight, please let me know if I may be of more assistance.

Community Manager - Seismic Software

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