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can i revert the version that i pushed live from staging



We revamped our community site with new skin, new layout & new pages. Now we are ready to publish it to live. 


If something goes wrong when i push it live, can i rollback to its previous version in live??


And after rollback, can i get all the old skin, layout & pages??


Kindly help.

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Yeah you can... Just go into Studio in stage and within the versions tab you can stage the previous "working" version then publish this to live. You could then stage the new version and correct your issues. 


That said if its working 100% in stage you shouldn't have any issues in live, "ive never encountered any issues.." only thing you may notice is that if your ADMIN config is different from stage to Live then things may not work but that can be fixed with a quick config change.


For example if in stage you've working on realtime notifications but you don't have these enabled on live then they wont work after you've pushed them live without enabling on live.


Just keep a note of which version number is which and leave really clear notes on each version in studio to help you keep track of which is which.


Good luck.


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@madhukar1100 - You could actually do it without having to go to stage. If you need to rollback to the last working version on production, there is an option of "Rollback to v123456" where the 123456 is the last working version on your live environment. However, this can be done once per build push, i.e. you cannot rollback twice during same process. Once you click, you will get a pop up for confirmation.

Screenshots below.


Rolling back to production environment to the previous version


You can roll back the live version of your community in your production environment to a previous version. 


Before you begin:

  • You can only rollback to the previously published version. If you want to roll back to an earlier version, you must restage that earlier version on the Stage environment, add that version to the publishing queue, and go through the entire publishing process.
  • You cannot roll back to the previously published version when there is a version in the queue or in preview mode.
  • You must have Publish Changes permission on the production server.

To roll back to the previously published version in the live community:


  1. Log into the live community.
  2. Click Community Dashboard > Publishing.
  3. Click the Rollback link.
    The link name includes the version number in the production environment.


    Note: If you do not see the Rollback link, contact Lithium Support to manually restore your production community to its previous state.
  4. Confirm the action.
  5. Click Continue.

    The Production environment is reverted to the previously published version. The Publishing tool displays a message at the top of the window and the Rollback link disappears.

    rollbackSuccess.jpg Source

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Hi Varun,


Thanks for the reply.


One more question. After pushing the version from stage to live, can i have a preview of that version before Go Live??

@madhukar1100 - Yes, before go live, there is a preview mode available.

Here is the link -

Preview mode: Preview a version on production (against production data) before making it live. Anything you do in this environment, such as creating a new post, changing the layout, or applying changes to the skin, affects the live community.

Varun : Weaving magic with Khoros!

Recent Ideas: Advanced Private Messages | Rewarding Module | Badges for Threads

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