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deleted accounts

Hi All,


How do I see which users have deleted their accounts? I want to pull a report to see who has deleted their accounts in the last 12 months on our community.


Can anyone give me the steps to do this please?



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Good question. 

I have not seen or hear anything about this being possible. Perhaps with a custom report but not OOB.

I am following the discussion 🙂

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A perfectly legitimate request / question, but I do not recall ever coming across it before.

As most people now the feature to 'close' one's account is found in the My Setting section: Personal > Close Account > [hit the 'close account' button]

If you have single-sign-on (SSO) for your community, I am not sure how this behaves at all.  But if you do not have single-sign-on, I do not even know how this really works anyway (are you banning yourself, etc?).  If it is a ban, then 'yes', you can run reports on that.  But because I am not precisely sure what happens, then I do not know if you can run a report on it.

Sending up a bat-signal for some of the old-guard that might know the details about what happens...and if you can run a report on it (which I doubt).

@MarkS  @AdamN  @AubreyL @LarryI @KrisS 

Anytime an account is closed, an entry is made within the audit logs detailing which account was closed and who closed it (whether it was an admin or the user themselves), which can also be exported by CSV for review. Additionally, you can also get a list of deleted accounts using LiQL, as detailed here at the bottom under "Added 18.3".

Kris S.
Senior Manager, Technical Support

And     ^ THIS ^    is why KrisS leads the league in Accepted Solutions, ladies and gentlemen!  

A stunning repository of knowledge!  Wow.

Good info! Very useful.

We're not using the account close option today. Users can request their account to be closed and we can do it for them.

Reason why we are not letting users close their own account is because sometimes we need to ban users who post messages against our RTP and without access to the user information we can’t ban them, we can only remove the messages.

For example, a user may discover this and post messages either spamming or ranting, then closing their account and wait for the messages removal then come back to post these messages again.

Would the Oracle know any way around this? 🙂

Learning from others and helping where I can!
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What are the best practices for collating and deleting PI on Communities? 

Do you know after registration what the process is for the data thats collecting, where it gets housed and who updates that in terms of deleting the PI. This si where I'm stuck, using Khoros and I have asked but was told it's not something they can help with so I'm hoping all the other community specialists and managers out there have had to perform an impact assessment and have a best practice process in place for their communities and the PI subject.

Hi @Rachie1986 

In terms of best practices, using the account closure tool takes care of everything since it's GDPR compliant and will automatically remove any sensitive user data. The only content that remains are messages, but the author is listed as anonymous (or whatever name you set in admin for closed accounts) and there's no other identifying information - it's literally just the message.


If you just want a list of closed accounts, I'd export the audit log for the date range you're interested in, then filter the CSV by the text "closed account" and you should get a general idea of your overall closed account numbers. If you want information on how we store / collect data, the data collector info can be found here.


Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Kris S.
Senior Manager, Technical Support

Thanks for all that. I'm currently looking at putting together an impact assessment. Any other COmmunity managers/specialist had to do that themselves before? if its too sensitive to talk about openly can you PM me with how you did this and what you included? 

Good idea! Do you have your users email requesting to close their account or what? Thanks!!

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