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does Lithium support SAML while being the IdP


I am looking to implement SSO between Lithium and our Advocacy platform (Influitive.)  However, Influitive needs to be the service provider and Lithium needs to be the IdP.

Is this possible -- has anyone else done similar between two SaSS platforms? 

Any info is appreciated.



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The Lithium Community Platform supports SAML SSO as a Professional Services custom integration.

This article will help you to give you more information about SAML SSO.

Expecting your Kudos and Accepted Solution to my replies.

Hello @Parshant,


Thank you for your response.  I had seen the doc previously and it looks like Lithium has to be the service provider rather than the identity provider.  Are you saying Lithium can act as the IdP with some custom integration work?





As per my knowledge Lithium is only Service Provider for this kind of support.

For more information you have to contact with Lithium Services ( for this.

Expecting your Kudos and Accepted Solution to my replies.

Thank you again for your reply, @Parshant.


Great timing but not great news - We are in the middle of going down the exact same path with the exact same issues.  We're going down the route of looking into something like OKTA to help bring our systems together for SSO, as unfortunately out of box they nor many other systems play well together.

I am also looking to use Okta to bridge this gap somehow, but haven't received much encouraging news to date 😞

If you figure out anything on your end, please post back...I'll be sure to do the same.



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