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experience with translator widget for technical support questions?

Greetings, I manage a private, global B2B community for SAP.   It provides support for implementation partners --  so discussions are very technical.  I'd love to hear your thoughts and reviews on using a translator widget for technical support discussions.  Is it working for you or creating more confusion?  




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Hello Lynne,

To be fully transparent, I am from iTalent and we have built the Language Translation Connector for Lithium. We are a long time Lithium Partner and support multiple Lithium customers including Cisco, MSFT, and others; and have deployed the connector within multiple communities.

Depending the "content" to be translated there is a 2x2 consideration: Speed v. Accuracy. Although machine translation has improved dramatically over the years with the introduction of neural and machine learning capabilities, it is still not as accurate as human translation. But human translation can be very expensive.

With those considerations, and others, we have found our customers have a "need for speed" as it relates to Discussions/Forum posts and thus use machine translation workflow process. Whereas, for more formal documents such as TKB Articles or Blogs, their is a tendency to use a more robust workflow process that engages human review and/or translation before they are published.

Regarding the technical content (i.e. code snippets, etc.) there is a "Filter" process that ignores content as it relates to translation. Moreover, there is translation memory and glossary available for specific translations.

I would be happy to demonstrate the capability if you would like.  Or you are able to see the capability in action in this community at the top of this page.  You can also visit Palo Alto Networks, GoPro, SAS JMP, Alteryx, etc. as it has been implemented within those communities.

Please feel free to let me know if you have additional questions related to language translation within the community.

We also notify users the content being viewed has been "translated" by a machine, and pardon any inaccurate translations.


Thank you.  I'll PM you to discuss.  

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