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feature to display blog post estimated read time

Does Khoros has a feature to display blog post estimated read time?

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@mdoumbia1 not right now but hoping to have it soon. I'll let you know when we have an update on this.  

Thanks @MohammedF . Do you know if there are other services/add-ons to do this which are compatible with Khoros ?

@mdoumbia1 It's fairly simple to add this in if you have an engineer and/or can hire one vs needing a add-on service per se.  All you are really doing is grabbing the total character count of the blog post and doing some basic math to calculate and spit out the resulting time.

Quick Googling shows many adults read around 250 words/minute , average 6 characters per word, 250*6/60 = 25 letters per second. So that's your estimated reading time.

@mdoumbia1 I'm afraid, I'm not aware of any add-ons/services to do this. @StanGromer's suggestion is the best way we can think of. It is easy to add and requires simple code that does a character count check and estimates a read time based on the number of words the average person reads per minute. 


We would be interested in this as well. 

We actually ended up building it a few weeks after this thread came about because why not.  If anyone wants an example ->





@StanGromer, went to check out your handiwork and had an issue on your community home page. Refreshing didn't help.



@JasonHill That's wild, work now?  I sort of know why it happened yet also absolutely no idea why it was happening to you (and no one else ever reported it to us) - We had a bunch of components in custom content 1 that weren't enabled, and that "explore community" section and tiles is definitely one of them - I just did spring cleaning and deleted all of them 😂


Hi There! This is great. Thank you so much for the update

No, same result @StanGromer on both Chrome and Safari.




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