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group hub notifications for owners

Currently only the creator of a post will receive a notification if someone replies to a community post within Group Hubs. 

Is there a way to configure the group settings so the that Owners will receive a notification when replies are made to any posts, not just the ones they write? 

Thanks for the help!

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This is default behaviour that owner will automatically get subscribed to that group hub. Owner should receive the notification for every new post in that group hub or a comment on any existing post. You can check the subscription list under My Profile > Subscription and Notifications. 

 I have just tested this, I created a new group hub and asked someone else to create a post in the group hub. Another user created a post and I got the email notification for that new post as well as for comment. Also I can see that I am subscribed to this group hub under My Profile > Subscription and Notifications  settings. Any time I can delete my existing subscription if I am no more intersted in notifications. 

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Thanks- let me check out if some of these users changed their notifications so that they aren't getting them immediately. This could be the cause of the lack of notifications. 

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