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how moderators can find and do image moderation


I have enabled moderators to do image moderation and enable them to accept or reject image before users posting in community. I did some testing and the user was able to upload image in post but when click "Post", the post is nowhere to be found in community, but we can see the image in the user's gallery. However, the moderators were not given notification about there's an image and post that needs to be reviewed before accepting it to be posted. Can someone help me to clarify this?

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I tried to find the related stuff but it seems that lithium does not support notification feature. See here is the same idea but not delivered by lithium yet. 

Hope you already using this component if not it can be used to get images which are under moderation or need to be reviewed by moderator or admin.  

 <component id="images.widget.moderation"/>


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 Hi @VikasB,


Thanks for letting me know. It is surprising to know that the idea was posted since 2013. Thanks for sharing the component! I have to figure out which page should I apply the component on.

Another thing, even if there's no notification to moderators, where do they find the images to be moderated? As for now, when users insert image in a post, that post is nowhere to be found either Smiley Frustrated


You can use it in common footer.  It will be displayed only for moderator and admin.  image-moderator.png When you will click on Image Moderator content, it will redirect you on Imageconsolepage where moderator/admin can approve or reject the images. 


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Hi @fatinmunirah,


Did you try accessing this link? - https://<<your community>>/t5/bizapps/bizappspage/tab/community:moderation

You can also access this from the Community Dashboard (screenshot below).


Here you will see all the posts that are required to be approved/rejected by the moderator. 

Hope this helps!




Hi @srujanayeruvaka, thanks for your reply! I can't see and click to the given link, but I knew the Moderation should be in Community Dashboard. However, there's no Moderation link in my Community Dashboard (in the home page) from Admin/Moderator's view. Does that need to be customized? Here's what I currently have in staging 

community dashboard.PNG

Hi @fatinmunirah,


Go to Community Admin -> Mod Tools -> Moderation and turn on the option "Show the Moderation Manager" and click Save.

You will see the 'Moderation' option under the Community Dashboard after this.



The address of the image console (without accessing Moderation Manager) should be

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