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how to download the posts and replies and all the engagements on community

we are trying to download the post/replies data along with the engagement data for those posts to do a text analysis project. how can we do that, is that even possible??


how is the data stored in LITHIUM .... earlier we used DRUPAL and they had all the above mentioned data in tables. and with the help of master schema we could get what we wanted by doing a few joins and extract the data out.


do we have anything similar to that in LITHIUM ?


appreciate your response thanks..

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@vtanneru ,

This is feasible, you can do this after the enable CSV export of Search Results feature on your community a, this works with Blank or empty searches.

You need to add support ticket to get this done, if you dont have currently,then after enabled this make blank search in community and using location filter to the board you want then in advanced you can export the result to CSV. Depending on size of data it will take time to export from the search results.

Expecting your Kudos and Accepted Solution to my replies.

@ClaudiusH wouldn't this be able to be pulled via bulk data api or something? Seems like I recall a way to do this...

Becky Scott

JumpCloud Sr Manager, Technical Community

yes, we do use the bulk data to pull the details of the conversation on the transactional level like (kudos,accpeted solutions, etc) to get some engagement metrics, but you cant get the actual data in the "post". 

what we would need is a dump of entire raw data in the community, not the search results, sorry if i understood it wrong

I definitely do not suggest using the export features....With a 2,000 row limit you will almost certainly truncate your data giving incorrect results


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