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losing subscribed status

After subscribing to an article, the icon stops showing "subscribe" and shows "unsubscribe" - and the corresponding menu option changes also.

Examples below.


But after a short amount of time it reverts back and the user gets no indication that they are still subscribed or not.


Any suggestions of what could be wrong to cause this?


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Does the user have the ability to use Subscriptions as per the Permission settings in admin?

Senior Community Manager | Strava

Hi! thanks for replying.


Yes. Its something that as far as I can tell has worked since inception.

but now since at least the 15th feb (2 weeks ago) it has stopped


Those are custom components, something is broken in them (caching probably if the state of them are changing minutes later)

@MorganBB, it looks like this has to be investigated by our Support team. Please check with if it is one they are aware of.

I had a feeling it might be.

This along with teh events link through AWS have issues - both are cached. 😕

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