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number of members and posts?

Hi how do I find out the total # of members and total # of posts all time in my community?

Then how can I display that information much like you have here on the lithospher: members/online/posts? 


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Hi there,


You can leverage the REST API to get and display these numbers:



Thank you, that helps with the display, but what report can I run to find out how many total registered members all time I have in the community? And how many total posts?



Currently LSI won't be able to help as its limited to six months. @NaokiT has said that Lithium is looking to expand this but it's unlikely to be "all time" but rather just a year because of the impact on performance. The same goes for Metrics in the Admin.


I would run a User Report (Admin/Metrics/User Reports) and export to CSV. Make sure you have or add columns for number of posts. You can run the report for as long a period as you wish, right back to before your community went live.  




Actually I figured it out. In Admin>Metrics I chose Forum Posts, and Completed member registrations, and just chose a date range as far back as I knew the community first started. I was stuck on the date range when I wanted all time, so I just had to go back in time to the beginning! Thanks!

Although I would add that the Forum Posts metric does not tell me how many posts are in the community and visible now. Many were archived over the years as info got outdated, so the all time Forum Posts actually does not reflect the total number of forum posts that are active on the community today.



You are fortunate that you can use metrics for this purpose. If I try a wide date range I get the following message "Unable to generate report, exceed maximum data points. Please shorten date range or use a wider granularity." 


You could find out the number of archived posts by limiting the scope (top left corner) to the relevant category or board before running the query. (Assuming all the archived posts are in an archived board and not deleted....)




I've also used completed registrations to get the total number of members, however, going forward I'd like to know how many total, current members there are at any point in time. I don't think the completed registrations would be accurate if members were deregistered. I would've thought this would be a common requirement - that business owners would want to know how many current members there are. Is there no easy way to find this out?

Hi @Hayley -- do you mean "active members"? If so, you may want to check out this discussion: Active Community Members, What does it mean to you....?

Once you have defined what "active" means to you, you can used the metrics available in Community Admin to check how many users have signed in, posted, kudoed, etc. within a given timeframe.


Also, there's a related idea for this here: Add Active Members Metric to LSI


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