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@override support within SDK

Is the @override attribute still not supported for the SDK?
Is there any tentative release/date for the support to be added?


- Chris Solis

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Do you mean @override similar to studio for components, or you are looking for something else?

If you are looking for similar to override core components in Studio in SDK you can do that by adding "component_name@override.ftl"(e.g. - community.widget.admin-links@override) file in "directory\res\components\component_name@override.ftl".


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Ah yes, I'm referring to overriding core components similar to in the Studio in SDK.

Ok, then I think there's a discrepancy in the documentation unless I'm misunderstanding it. Cause on this page: it seems to indicate that overriding core components in the SDK is not a usable feature as explained in the "Note" section. But maybe that's just for exporting components instead of creating them. Could you clarify please?


- Christopher Solis


@csolis214, May be the document is not updated to the latest using SDK.

I have tried with export and edit, create to override core components using SDK, and it works fine for me.


Expecting your Kudos and Accepted Solution to my replies.

Thanks a bunch!


-Christopher Solis

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