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put 1 category into maintenance mode?

Hello, I would like to put a section of the community into "maintenance mode" so that we can test the impact to inbound of removing the community option for a certain product. Each product is its own category in the community, so I thought we could accomplish this by putting just that category into maintenance mode, but it doesnt seem like it is possible to only do this for 1 category - has to be all or nothing. 


It was suggested that I hide the category, but that just gives users the "insufficient priveleges" page when they click to visit any page that was in that hidden category.


Has anyone else achieved something similar and can share their solution? Thanks!

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@lradden - The only option here is to customize this behavior. You'd need to write some custom code which you can make configurable from admin as well and push the changes to prod, and once done - you can do this to any category in future by passing the ID of the category. 


I hope this helps.

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Hi @lradden:


From my point of view, the way you approach is it better solution


Can you try this approach.  It may be the perfect solution

Keep the Category in Hidden Mode

Enable "Hide messages in this board from lists" in the settings.

Make a Private role in the Community and those how need to access the category assign that role. 

If we follow this process the thread/category url's will be hidden from the community until we share with the users.


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