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"Have you Posted?" - E-mail notifcation for users

Good morning,


Hope to find you well.


I wanted to ask if any of you has an e-mail to send to your users after they've been a while in the community but haven't posted yet? With a message like "Have you posted yet?" for example? If so, how can we add this?


Thank you so much.


Best regards,

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This is not an automatic email that comes from the Khoros platform, so you would have to manually create and send an email like this. 

If you're going to reach out with a communication like this, there are 2 important things to cover...WHY the user should post, and HOW.  For the WHY, you'll want to remind them of what they can earn and achieve by posting. For the HOW, you simply need to point them to your FAQs on how to create a post, or just copy and paste that wording into the email. 

While I don't have a template, here's some text you're welcome to use: 

"We are thrilled that you joined our community, and we hope you've had a chance to browse around and take in the valuable conversations happening here! As you've been browsing, have any particular questions come up for you? Do you find yourself coming to the community with a question in mind, but haven't asked it yet? 

I'd like to invite you to create your very first post, and here's how you do it:

- <either insert the steps or paste the instructions for how to post>

In addition, the more you post, the more likely you are to earn badges and rank up here in the community! Users who achieve a certain rank level are often considered for our VIP programs and special perks. 

We look forward to seeing your very first post (and more)."

Jenny Weigle
Chief Community Officer & Strategic Consultant
Jenny.Community, LLC

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