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"Start a Topic" Button Not on Label View of Forum

I've just realized when a label on any of our forum pages is selected, users (even myself as admin) can then no longer "Start a Topic." Is there a way for them to be able to still create a new thread even from when they're filtered to a particular label? Does anyone else have this issue? See photo below...


 Start a topic available on home forum page...



No"Start a topic" available when selecting a label....


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Hi @calebmt, I can confirm. After having filtered to a label, the "filteredbylabelpage" appears. Maybe, it's just a matter of adding "Start a topic" here with a tiny customization.

I'll have to try that. Anyone, by chance, know the XML code to include that would show that button? 

Anyone ever figure this out - I noticed this today, post-button is already on the page, it's just not showing up.  I'm thinking this has to be a bug, as it makes no sense for this page to not have the start a topic button.  

Hi Stan,

By design the Forums Filtered By Label Page  displays a list of forum contents using the label selected; it is not designed or intended to start a discussion - the same reason why customizing and adding primary-post-button did not render the component effective.

Nonetheless, it appears like a promising Product Enhancement. On similar lines, it is an earnest request to raise this concern by posting about it in Khoros Product Idea.

I hope that helps.🙂

Thanks guys.  I disagree strongly with the premise, but can accept the answer.  It's a "Forum" page, is makes zero sense to not allow for the existing post-button to show up there.  Said different, it's bananas that I am going to have to create my own button that replicates the existing post-button.  It's the little stuff like this that drives me bonkers.




We created a custom component with the New Topic button and added this component to many pages across the community including a page where to see the topics with a specific label. 

You will need to add the component to the ForumsFilteredByLabelPage page.

Here is what we have in the component:

<div class="customNewTopicButton">
<a class="NewTopic-link" href="/t5/forums/postpage/choose-node/true/interaction-style/forum/override-styles/true">Start a topic</a>


if(window.location.href.indexOf("ct-p") > -1) {
	//This is a category page
	if(window.location.href.indexOf("m-p") > -1) {
		//This is a topic page
		//Get the categoryid from a breadcrumb
		var arr = $('.crumb-category.lia-breadcrumb-category').attr('href').split('/');
		var categoryID = arr[arr.length-1];
		$('.NewTopic-link').attr("href","/t5/forums/postpage/category-id/"+ categoryID +"/choose-node/true");


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