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"Start a discussion" button on home page of community

We have several forums but want to put a simple "Start a discussion" button on the home page of the community. However the community managers don't want to create a default forum. So we need a way for the user to choose what forum the discussion is started in. Is there an existing UX pattern for this? 

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We have one of those that goes to this URL; https://<community URL>/t5/forums/postpage/choose-node/true/interaction-style/forum


It is a standard post creation page but it has a drop down under the subject line that a user must pick from before they can post, the drop down has a list of the first 20 boards on the forum with a show more option at the end that brings up the entire community structure. The first 20 boards are picked from the top of your navigation going down I believe.


Note that my community is currently not on responsive yet.



We have implemented this. See for an example. It is common practice and certainly a good idea to encourage participation on the site. 


On Workshop when the member clicks on the Start a discussion button, underneath the the topic heading there's a drop down where they select the board. Our list of available labels then changes dynamically based on which board the user has selected to post in.




thanks this will work

ahh perfect, I was considering this for our site but would have to be done extremely carefully.

We're currently looking at tweaking our homepage to encourage / stimulate conversations better.


Cancer Council Online Community

Hi everyone, this is exactly what I'm after however, I want to put this "Post" button on a category page, and only want the boards that are part of that category to appear in the Board drop down list. Do you know how to do that? 

Hi EmilyBilling,

You can use the following URL to get only those boards which are part of the particular category.[Category-ID]/choose-node/true


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